Purchasing a new sofa Trends while remaining trendy might be a challenging matter. With several designs, materials, and colors to pick from, it might be overwhelming. Fortunately, when you have specialists like us on your side, this procedure is not really tough. At Airawat Handicraft, we are delighted to receive an early look at all upcoming furniture trends, and we are pleased to provide this credible information to you!

This blog will focus on the sofa trends that can be expected in 2022. Sofas with soft, earthy colors and a rich surface will be the general style for the new year. These sofas have a sophisticated appearance yet are nonetheless comfortable enough to fall into. Now, what are you holding out for? Refresh your living area with a new look from our current sofa collection.


Moody Colours


For 2022, a cool navy is right in trend. This sofa color is entirely new to one of our best sofa collections. The color blue is moderate enough to complement the current décor while yet being bold enough to mix with brighter, more lively colors – and who wouldn’t want such a flexible item in their living area? These sofas provide comfortable sitting for the entire family while also creating a spectacular aesthetic in your living area.


Raw Beauty


Natural toned sofa designs are still popular in 2022, but the emphasis is on cream-colored sofas and armchairs. Its low back, classic lines, and textural material can instantly enhance your space. Even better, with the addition of a cushion or throw, this appearance can be effortlessly renewed every year.


Earthy Tone


Earthy tones like terracotta, rust and burnt sienna are expected to be game-changers for this season. These red clay tones, both humble and vivid, will offer a warm richness and refinement to any living space in 2022. It will enable you to try out different accent colors in your decorations like wall art and table lights. These will assist in linking up all of the elements of your design. Check out our earthy tone sofa collections at Airawat Handicraft, the best furniture showroom in Baner.


Nature Inspired


Green will remain fashionable in 2022. All tones of green would be preferred, whether dimmed sage or dark olive. Green is the actual color of nature, which may explain why we all want it. It is a color that we identify with the calmness of nature, making it excellent for resting spaces in the house. It can add a sense of tranquility, peace, and serenity to your house. For a unified effect, combine with a matching footstool or pouf.


Soothing Textures


One of the trendy colors of the year for 2022 is likely to be deep teal or peacock blue. Place your feet up on the teal textured footstool that can blend with it – and look classy and trendy while using it. Lastly, for the complete appearance, pair this sofa and footstool with an oak coffee table. Teal is a peaceful and reflecting color, and what better place to showcase it than on a sofa in a living room where we would spend the majority of our time relaxing?


Vintage Vibes


What happens if you darken an earthy color? Obviously, it will be a dark brown! It captures all that we know and will be trendy in the year 2022. Leather couches are timeless and go nicely with other contrasting items such as velvet. Pair that lovely leather sofa with a blue velvet armchair when designing home décor this year. Golden textures scattered throughout the space would only serve to accentuate the appearance of the lovely brown leather. Candleholders, ornate trays, table lamps, and console tables all contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic.


If you want to enhance your living room with a new couch, come to Airawat Handicraft, the wooden furniture shop in Pune. With our expert guidance and beautiful furnishings, you’ll find everything you need to maintain your living area up to date.