Looking for new wall design ideas for your home? Those plain walls are full of potential, and a few changes could transform a house into a home. Continue reading if you’re ready to transform those plain, blank walls into beautiful focal points. We have the techniques to amp up your walls and bring out your individuality and taste, regardless of your style. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or a book reader, your walls could be decorated to surround you with the things you value. Explore wall décor ideas that can add elegance to your home. Explore a wide range of decorative options at the best furniture shop in Pune, designed by a highly skilled Antique handicraft shop in Pune

Choose Large-Scale Artwork

In a small space, large artwork or images will steal the spotlight and create an atmosphere. In minimalist decor, try a black-and-white photo, or add color with a vivid abstract painting, as shown above.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall provides character and vibrancy like nothing else. Showcase a collection of paintings or pictures, or combine wall hangings and other items. Choose basic, cohesive frames or a variety of decorative alternatives to spice things up! Pro trick: Expand the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling to give the impression of a spacious room.

Consider an Accent Wall

Think of decorating the walls themselves in addition to exhibiting objects on them. Make an accent wall with a bright and dramatic paint hue, or add a pattern using wallpaper, stenciling, or other artistic painting techniques. Consider as if you are upgrading your ceiling while you’re at it. In a small space, these visual touches could have an even stronger impression.

Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, making a tiny room appear larger and brighter. Display multiple smaller pieces or hang a large mirror. Visit Airawat Handicraft — customized furniture manufacturers in Pune where you can bring your ideas to life.

Set Up Shelves

In case of insufficient floor space, consider putting bookshelves on the wall. Install open shelving to showcase hardcovers, miniature sculptures, and other pieces.

Sculptural Sconces

Sconces provide additional lighting without taking up space on the floor. Pick an eye-catching style that also functions as a wall sculpture to provide light