During the whole pandemic, many of us developed a new fondness for our kitchens  Design— it was where we prepared all varieties of cuisines, worked from home, prepared meals since we couldn’t leave the house, binged too much entertainment, mindlessly browsed through our phones, and so on. When we entered the new year, we’ve surely understood the value of having a multi-functional kitchen, and our list contains no shortage of design ideas for anyone wishing to update this often-used area.


Dark and Monochromatic Kitchens


Black, charcoal, midnight, and white kitchen walls have always survived the test of time. Even in the next years, these tones are highly improbable to go out of trend. However, a monochrome kitchen can embrace the trendy aesthetics of any home décor.

The combination of dark or black cabinets against a white backdrop adds beauty to any modern or traditional kitchen. Not only that, but this design aesthetic creates a rich environment as well as a subtle yet dramatic character. As a result, despite the vivid color choice, your kitchen will not overshadow the whole home design.

In addition, black or darker interiors have grown in demand throughout the years. As customers choose bolder and darker cabinet and wall tones, monochromatic and black kitchens are growing among the most popular designs for 2022.


The Vibrant Kitchen


Vibrant tones extending from lively greens to rich purples are becoming popular choices for modern kitchens. These color combinations provide warmth and character to your kitchen when coupled with natural colors obtained from stone or woodgrains. Home Interior Designs In Pune

As the year advances, more and more people are now going for colored cabinets in their kitchens. The use of vibrant hues in blue, pink, and green lends a new vibe to the space.

Moreover, searches for the keyword “green kitchens” grew by 50% in 2022 compared to 2021. However, it does not stop there. The newest search keyword, “yellow kitchens,” is also gaining popularity. This, in turn, demonstrates that homeowners are ready to take a chance. They are increasingly going for brighter tones, which enhances the overall visual appeal of the kitchen.


The Painted Kitchen


Do you require a new perspective on classic design and finish? The painted kitchen is a reasonable strategy that highlights both the furnishings and the architectural aspects. In truth, the ever-versatile grey is used to grab the moment with its moderate tone. As a consequence, it has evolved among the prominent 2022 kitchen design trends.


Concealed Storage


As we all realize, a kitchen is that part of the house where a bunch of activities take place. Consequently, we generally have a lot to store. However, we would prefer that these elements remain hidden in order to maintain the whole kitchen design. As a result, in every kitchen, a discrete storage system is a must-have. Concealed storage is now simple to achieve. All you have to do is set up a simple cabinet to conceal your dishwasher or refrigerator. In addition, you may use a storage design to save countertop space for tiny appliances.


Family-Focused Layouts


2022 is increasingly oriented towards custom-made furniture that can meet the needs of many sorts of users and kitchen applications. Why? Nowadays, multigenerational living has displaced the one-size-fits-all kitchen. As a result, we anticipate a future-proof design combined with valued interiors that appeal to a rising population.

This design provides an all-inclusive space for cooking and dining, with an emphasis on combined seating, storage solutions, island units, or expanded breakfast bars. In contrast, the countertop will have enough area for home office work. In other words, this design style turns the kitchen into a place where all of your friends and family can enjoy valuable time together.