When decorating your home after a decade, you can most probably start with the new trends. According to what you have and what you roll up you can decide. You can sell the old or re-brush it according to the new format. Interior Designers in Pune

Nowadays people are not choosing black nor white they are just experimenting with colors by walking from the mid of the road and this had become a big hit in the interior design trends in 2020

 As we see in the past, black was the major color was used for the interior of the home. But with time it all change and that credit go to today’s highly skilled interior designers, who started experimenting with all-new colors is present again and again.

Today, in reality, gray has become a new black and the most popular color in the trend of decorating homes. You can say it has taken the place of black. In the following list, you can find the best combination with grey in contrasting for different rooms in the house.

 For living room
Living rooms are the first that hears the words., “Wow” and the amazing looks of every guest. So the living room is the place where such brighter color rules.  If your room has concurred with some other brighter color then you can use gray to calm it down. You can experiment with the gray shade with others like the mustard yellow or yellow or any other shade that gives a gorgeous look to your room.  Rest can be taken care of by accessorizing with rustic wood.

Kitchen Design
Some color combinations are just great like white and mid-tones grey.  It shows a fresh and sophisticated look and this look can be carried up by the teak wood finish items, also you can use a similar tone of grey in other accessories that will achieve a cohesive look.

Dining Room Design
For the ideal dining room, grey can show the wonder and works brilliantly in the present times, with this combination you get classic and sophisticated style looks. This combination together shows an uplift that is neither dull nor brighter. The hanging lights add a zing to the entire design. Meanwhile, a pinch of white can give that perfect look to your dining.

Bedroom Design
Grey, with a shade of brown and with little mint makes a beautiful color combination. These all colors are neutrals and work wonderfully together. This all together can bring a calm surrounding in the bedroom interior design. It seems that gray can stays here in this decade. So you can use the combinations in incorporating home décor and what all, other colors look fabulous that you can stylish with it.